• AddressN° 15, Haute tension, Q/ Joli parc C/Ngaliema - Kinshasa/RDC
  • Email info.un-academia@unpe.org
  • Contact+ 243 97 36 99 213
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Who we are?

Union of Nations Academy, UN-Academia

UN Academia is a private institution of a scientific, cultural and professional nature. The headquarters of the UN-Academia is established in Kinshasa and may be transferred throughout the Republic on the decision of the UNPE Board of Directors, meeting by a majority of three quarters of its members. However, the activities of the UN-Academy may extend beyond the borders of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The goal of the Academy of the Union of Nations is to transform "Human Resources" into "Resource Persons" capable of supporting sustainable development, creation and innovation projects through a new dynamic in terms of specialized technical-professional training, to meet the needs of companies, NGOs, and the civil service of each target country.


UN Academia is a corporation of vocational education units with different branches detailed below:

UN Academia Center

Having in its midst a curriculum of the Modular Vocational Training Programme.

UN Academia Technical Institute

With the vocational, technical and craft training program.

UN Academia University

With the classical program Bachelor, Master, Doctorate commonly called ''LMD''.

UN Academia Advanced College

With a special postgraduate training programme for professional reconversion

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