• AddressN° 15, Haute tension, Q/ Joli parc C/Ngaliema - Kinshasa/RDC
  • Email info@unpe.org
  • Contact+ 243 97 36 99 213
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Union of Nations for the Promotion of Employment


Union des Nations pour la Promotion de l'Emploi, UNPE is a Non-Governmental Organization of the United Nations. Development of Congolese law having its legitimacy and legality by N° JUST/SG/20/869/2019 having its physical seat at 15, Haute tension, Q/ Joli parc C/Ngaliema - Kinshasa/DRC.


UNPE aims to make working populations active and productive. of countries with a high rate of unemployed people by means of :

  • Engineering of special vocational, technical and craft training,
  • Advocacy, mobilization, design, implementation and evaluation of the monitoring-evaluation of projects related to sustainable development objectives.


UNPE has the following objectives in the :

  • - Health and nutrition : improve access to quality health care; rehabilitate, build supplying and equipping health facilities with essential medicines and equipment in kit form; while at the same time Strengthening the capacities of medical providers and members of community relays.
  • - Water, hygiene and sanitation : firstly by improving access to drinking water in terms of quantity and quality, and by quality to vulnerable and crisis-affected communities; secondly, by promoting the promotion of hygiene; and thirdly by building the capacity of the population on the safe disposal of excreta, solid waste management, environmental remediation.
  • - Protection and encouragement : the demobilization and reintegration of children associated with the forces, and armed groups, the fight against the abusive exploitation of children, the prevention of the break-up of armed groups, the fight against the abusive exploitation of children, the prevention of the break-up of armed groups, the fight against the abusive exploitation of children, the prevention of the break-up of armed groups, the fight against the abusive exploitation of children, the prevention of the break-up of armed their families.
  • - Education : in the capacity building and recovery of children, this action will consist in to improve the conditions of study for children and adults by improving the quality of education while mobilizing different obligations and community participation, rehabilitating schools and and academic remedial centres, building the capacity of teachers, improving the quality of teaching, improving the quality of the nutritional situation of schoolchildren and institutional support.
  • - Food and nutritional security : by supporting nutrition surveillance and strengthening the prevention in communities. Supporting community-based care such as malnutrition, promoting good nutritional practices, capacity building on agricultural techniques within the communities, support the distribution of agricultural inputs in affected localities, villages.
  • - Addressing sexual and gender-based violence in action : raising community awareness of the fight against against violence and other forms of discrimination against women, by accompanying the victims sexual and gender-based violence in seeking redress for the harm suffered, ensuring that the holistic management of gender-based violence.
  • - VIH/SIDA : in the actions of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS, primary prevention with adolescents/youth and the protection of HIV-infected or affected orphans.
  • - Reforestation for the protection of the ecosystem : By improving the quality and quantity of production in the agro-pastoral sector through the rehabilitation of social and economic infrastructures, by maintaining collaborative relationships with both national associations and organizations and international organizations that advocate real development, real humanitarian aid and employment for all.


Thus, on February 6, 2015, during its extraordinary General Assembly in Kinshasa, a decision establishing the Academy of the Union of Nations, UN ACADEMIA in acronym, had was signed by the members of the UNPE Advisory Board, legalized on 18 June 2019, registered under the number 63.328 folio 139-142 volume MLXXIX by the Provincial Division of the Justice of the Notary Office of Lukunga and stamped under B0200864.

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Convocation and Graduation Ceremony, 85 Women Leaders trained by UN Academia